Welcome to IT, young padawan.

Your job from now on is to be invisible. The ideal is that no one knows your name and no one knows what you do.

curse of IT is the following:

When things are working -> what do we even pay you for?
When things stop working -> what do we even pay you for?

You will have the responsibility to hold a company's entire financial existence in your metaphorical hands, but you will have no authority to push any usage policies and no support from management to back them, either. If you are lucky, you will have a boss who acts like a shit-strainer, e.g. someone who protects you from the clueless ivory tower set. However, it's more likely that you'll have one who throws you under the bus, being the newest and, therefore, the most expendable, because someone has to take the blame for whatever goes wrong, and s/he is never going to be that one. They've got a career to think about, after all, and IT is just a stepping stone.

If it runs on electricity you'll be expected by the clueless to not only know it, but be responsible for it, regardless of whether you actually are or not. At least once in your career, if you find the chutzpah to stick around long enough, someone will be so oblivious as to ask you to fix their air-conditioner or a light fixture and will be angrily baffled when you tell them that you can't / won't. Like a doctor you will regularly be asked to do the impossible. Unlike a doctor, you will be expected to do it for free by everyone from the owner of the company, on down to the most casual of acquaintances - often after hours and, invariably, off the books. You are now everyone's personal high-tech prison bitch.

Now that you're one of those 'techie people' you will be expected to be on point and in the know about every esoteric piece of software or hardware that has ever been invented or will be invented in the future. You will be expected to know industry standards and best practices, but no one will actually be interested in implementing them. But the best part is, you'll know what can happen, fully aware of the dangers that await the unwary, and be vetoed and stonewalled at every turn when asking for resources to fend it off with by those who have no clue, and get to stand powerless to stop it when - not if - something bad eventually happens. You will never have enough resources, budget, authority, or people to do what must be done. Expect no attaboys/girls for actually accomplishing the impossible, either.

You will never get enough information from a user to fix a problem without first pulling teeth and swallowing your own so as not to treat them like the lying, belligerent, lazy, complacent, and easily distracted sheep they really are. You will be expected to treat them with kindness, respect, and understanding. In return, those same users, more often than not, will treat you like a recalcitrant servant instead of as an administrator/rescuer/fount of knowledge, heaping foul language and an even fouler attitude on you at every turn. They will see you, personally, as the malignant and capricious cause of whatever issue they have and will generally treat any suggestion you pose to fix the problem with dismissive disdain - though technically you're one of the management staff and they actually called you for help. You will never get a good night's sleep because you'll get calls at all hours, and never get to enjoy a vacation because you'll be expected to be reached at all times, no matter what part of the world you will be in.

Everyone will want to be your 'friend' if only to keep you on a kind of *emotional retainer* in case they need your help later. But you'll know, through subtle cues of interaction, that they would never purposely choose to hang out with you otherwise. You will never again be able to trust anyone who wants help from you either, seeing the world through jaundiced, bitter, and too experienced eyes. You'll see some sh\*t, man! And while you'll live to tell the tales, as many of us do, a little piece of you will die with each time the phone rings or anyone starts a sentence with, "Oh, by the way ... " or, "Well, since you're already here ... ".

The path you have chosen is not an easy one, Grasshoppah. I hope you realize what you have set yourself up for.

Plagiarized from https://www.reddit.com/r/talesfromtechsupport/